Player Fees and Projected Equipment Expenses


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Player Fees

We do our best to keep our player fees to a minimum, whether it be for Spring Season, Fall Box, Counter Strike or tournaments we participate in. These fees, usually between $100.00-$395.00 depending upon the event in which we are participating in, are used to help cover the cost of facility rental, team uniforms, liability insurance, event/league registration fees, and team coach stipend and travel expenses. 

Estimated Equipment Costs

All lacrosse players must have the necessary legal equipment to play lacrosse: stick, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, protective cup, cleats and mouthpiece. Goalies are not required to wear arm pads or shoulder pads, but must wear a chest protector and throat guard.

During some clinics or "try-it-out" periods, we may have limited quantities of equipment available for new players to use. Once these young lads decide they are going to continue to play in the program, they will be responsible for securing their own equipment.

Lacrosse is a very unique sport. In addition to the spring season, most players continue to play throughout the year in various outside programs and leagues, as well as attend summer camps and clinics. Participation in all of these additional activities requires the same equipment. This is the primary reason why lacrosse players, unlike youth football players, purchase their own gear. 

The estimated investment for all of the necessary equipment is $450 but there are starter sets that can be found for under $200. With the exception of the gloves, the majority of this equipment will last most of the player's youth career unless they grow out of it.

Helmet: $140-$300
Gloves: $22-$190 
Stick: $80-$200
Arm Pads: $17-$125
Shoulder Pads: $15-$150
Cleats (football, lacrosse or soccer): $50+
Mouthpiece: $10



Youth Starter Sets

Please note, many of the local sporting goods stores and lacrosse specialty stores offer youth starter sets at a very affordable price.​  We recommend you spend the most on a good lacrosse stick, which can be found online at our StringKing online store.  Your next most important purchase will be on his helmet to protect his egg.

Maverik Charger Set - Shoulder Pads, Arm Guards, Gloves ($80)

Maverik Charger Deluxe Lacrosse Starter Kit - Shoulder Pads, Arm Guards, Gloves, Stick ($80) 

Maverik Charger Ultimate Lacrosse Starter Kit - Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Arm Guards, Gloves, Stick ($160)

STX Stallion 50 Beginner Set - Shoulder Pads, Arm Guards, Gloves - $85

Under Armour NEXGEN Lacrosse Equipment - Shoulder Pads, Arm Guards, Gloves - ($140)