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Tournament Details


Sat. July 20, 2024


Warkentin Stadium, San Marcos High School


Team Player Fee: $65

Free Agents: $75


  • High School

  • College/Post Collegiate

"The Game You've Always Loved Just Found A New Gear"

July 20

HIGH SCHOOL               
Round        Time                  Field 1                                  Field 2                                         Field 3
Round 1     9:00-9:30        TBD vs TBD                           
Round 2     9:40-10:10      TBD vs TBD                       
Round 3    10:20-10:50     TBD vs TBD                           
Round 4    11:00-11:30     TBD vs TBD                                                                  
Round 5    11:40-12:10     CHAMPIONSHIP                                                                   




COLLEGE/POST COLLEGIATE                                            
Round        Time                  Field 1                                  Field 2                                           Field 3            
Round 1    12:15-12:45     TBD vs TBD     
Round 2    12:55-1:25       TBD vs TBD       
Round 3    1:35-2:05         TBD vs TBD
Round 4    2:15-2:45         TBD vs TBD
Round 5    2:55-3:25         CHAMPIONSHIP


Players are encouraged to organize a full team roster. If you do not have a team but would like to play, please register under "Free Agent Registration". Early registration is encouraged to secure your team's spot.

Team Registration

To register a team, captains must complete the "Team Registration" form on the registrations page. After we receive your submission, we will open registration for your teammates.


Following the registration of your team, by your team captain, each individual team player is required to register under the "Player Registration" form on the registrations page. You will need to enter your team name in order to register.


If you do not have a team, but would like to play, please register under the "Free Agent Registration". We will pull from the free agent registrations if an existing team needs players. In addition, if we receive enough free agent requests we will create an "at large team".

Santa Barbara Sixes Rules

  • Sixes field is 70m x 36m ​(approximately)
  • 6 Players on the field per team - 1 goalie + 5 field players. Short sticks only
  • Each team has a roster of no more than 12 players
  • Games are played in two 13 minute running halves. 4 minute half-time
  • After gaining possession, teams have 30 seconds to shoot the ball
  • Faceoffs only occur at the start of each period
  • After a goal, the goalkeeper restarts play
  • A shot that goes out of bounds is awarded to the defensive team
  • A team is only offsides, if and when their goalkeeper crosses the center line
  • Substitutions are made on the fly
  • No takeout checks
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