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​Hotshots Return to Play Plan

PHASE ONE – Daily Pre-Practice Protocol                                                       



Prior to Check-In, all players and coaches will:

  • Wash Hands

  • Use Hand Sanitizer

  • Wear a Mask Upon Arrival

  • Bring a Personal Clearly Marked Water Bottle


  • At Check-In, all players and coaches will:

  • Wear a Mask

  • Maintain 6’ Physical Distancing

  • Answer a Series of Health-Related Questions

  • Temperature Check:

  • 100.3 or lower = Clear to Participate

  • 100.4 or higher = NOT cleared to participate.  Must leave training group. Unable to return until cleared by a physician.

PHASE ONE – Outdoor Practice Protocol


While on the field all players and coaches will:

  • Wear a Mask or a Lacrosse Helmet

  • Wear Protective Gloves or Wear Lacrosse Gloves

  • Maintain 6’ Physical Distancing

  • Use a Clearly Marked Water Bottle

Players will have the option to remove their mask prior to putting on their lacrosse helmet.

Coaches must wear a mask and gloves throughout practice.

The mask may be removed occasionally to prevent overheating.


Eight Player Plus One Coach Training PODS

Players will be divided into 8-Player PODS.  The members of each pod will remain the same throughout Phase One.

One coach will be assigned to each pod. A coach may be assigned to multiple pods during Phase One, but not in the same workout session.

If a player becomes ill, or leaves the pod for any reason, his position in the pod cannot be filled by any other player.

A player may return to his pod but will need clearance from a physician if his absence was due to injury or illness.

PHASE ONE - Practice/Group Lesson Overview           


1.     Outdoor practice only

2.     No Parents or Spectators

3.     No Physical Contact Between Players

4.     8-Player PODS (1 Coach per POD)

5.     Maximum of 4 PODS (32 total players) on a full field (110 yards by 60 yards) During Any Practice Session

6.     Players will not touch goals, balls, or cones with their hands

Player Rest Areas

Each 8-Player POD will have its own player equipment and rest area.  Markings will be made every 10’ on the ground or along the fence line of the practice facility.  Upon arriving at the field, players will place their equipment bag at one end markings in the area designated for their specific POD. Each player will have his own area. During pre-practice, water breaks and post-practice, players are to remain in their personal designated rest areas unless directed otherwise by a coach.


Addressing Players as a Group

There will be no “huddles”. A coach may address the players in his POD as a group anytime, but the players and coach must maintain 6’ distancing during these discussions.


Lacrosse Balls

Players may safely exchange (pass and catch) lacrosse balls


Lacrosse Sticks and Protective Equipment

Players will provide their own workout gear, lacrosse stick, lacrosse equipment (helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves). There will be no sharing of lacrosse sticks or protective equipment.


Lacrosse Goals

Players do not touch the lacrosse goals during the course of play or practice.



Coaches will gather the balls and cones and put them in designated containers. Coaches will return goals to the sidelines.


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